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China’s Bai Yulu reflects on her World Championship qualifying match, and looks ahead to her first season on the World Snooker Tour…

Bai, you lost 10-7 to Jenson Kendrick in the World Championship qualifiers in April, how do you feel about your performance in that match?
I completely failed to adapt to the conditions, and even the equipment, during the first session so I played badly. I was not able to adjust throughout. In the second session I played with more freedom and treated it as if had I lost already, and I got more used to the conditions. I managed to feel the speed of the table better and control the white more easily. But having got back from 9-4 to 9-7, I got a bit nervous towards the end, when I felt that victory was in my reach. I’d like to think I have a carefree type of personality, and that allows me to not overthink during competitions. But I have certain flaws in power shots and I have to work hard to make up for it.

What’s your ambition for the next two seasons? 
I’m not setting a goal but I do think I can make a lot of progress over the two years. I don’t really think about results.

Who is your favourite player?
Stephen Hendry. I used to watch him play when I first started and everybody said he’s awesome, with all the titles he won. I’ve also played against Ding Junhui and I’ve asked him for advice on shot selection.

You have been playing in CBSA Junior events, including a recent one in Yan’An. The best players from the series are awarded wild cards to WST events. How much does this help young talent to improve?
It’s a great platform for our best junior players to sharpen their games before reaching the professional circuit. There are several events each year and you will see all the best young players competing in one arena. For the players it doesn’t really matter what kind of result you get, but to keep learning in tournaments like this means a lot. It’s never been held at a gymnasium before so I had a great experience in Yan’An.

Who are the best up-and-coming juniors in China?
Zhou Jinhao, Lan Yuhao and Dong Zihao. We grew up practising together and you can tell they are making rapid progress.

Article by WST.