World Champions

The World Women's Snooker Championship in its current form dates back to the 1976 Women's World Open won by Vera Selby and has been won by 12 players in all during its history.

England's Reanne Evans leads the way with a record 12 world titles dating back to her maiden triumph in 2005, with a further five players having claimed the crown on more than one occasion.

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Year Winner Country Score Runner-Up Country
2019 Reanne Evans England 6-3 Nutcharut Wongharuthai Thailand
2018 Ng On Yee Hong Kong 5-0 Maria Catalono England
2017 Ng On Yee Hong Kong 5-0 Maria Catalono England
2016 Reanne Evans England 6-4 Ng On Yee Hong Kong
2015 Ng On Yee Hong Kong 6-2 Emma Bonney England
2014 Reanne Evans England 6-0 Ng On Yee England
2013 Reanne Evans England 6-3 Maria Catalono England
2012 Reanne Evans England 5-3 Maria Catalono England
2011 Reanne Evans England 5-1 Emma Bonney England
2010 Reanne Evans England 5-1 Maria Catalono England
2009 Reanne Evans England 5-2 Maria Catalono England
2008 Reanne Evans England 5-2 June Banks England
2007 Reanne Evans England 5-3 Katie Henrick England
2006 Reanne Evans England 5-3 Emma Bonney England
2005 Reanne Evans England 6-1 Lynette Horsburgh Scotland
2003 Kelly Fisher England 4-1 Lisa Quick England
2002 Kelly Fisher England 4-1 Lisa Quick England
2001 Lisa Quick England 4-2 Lynette Horsburgh Scotland
2000 Kelly Fisher England 4-1 Lisa Ingall England
1999 Kelly Fisher England 4-2 Karen Corr Northern Ireland
1998 Kelly Fisher England 5-0 Karen Corr Northern Ireland
1996 Karen Corr Northern Ireland 6-3 Kelly Fisher England
1995 Karen Corr Northern Ireland 6-3 Kim Shaw England
1994 Allison Fisher England 7-3 Stacey Hillyard England
1993 Allison Fisher England 9-3 Stacey Hillyard England
1991 Allison Fisher England 8-2 Karen Corr Northern Ireland
1990 Karen Corr Northern Ireland 7-4 Stacey Hillyard England
1989 Allison Fisher England 6-5 Ann-Marie Farren England
1988 Allison Fisher England 6-1 Ann-Marie Farren England
1987 Ann-Marie Farren England 5-1 Stacey Hillyard England
1986 Allison Fisher England 5-0 Sue LeMaich Canada
1985 Allison Fisher England 5-1 Stacey Hillyard England
1984 (Pro) Mandy Fisher England 4-2 Maryann McConnell Canada
1984(Am) Stacey Hillyard England 4-1 Natalie Stelmach Canada
1983 Sue Foster England 8-5 Maureen Baynton England
1981 Vera Selby England 3-0 Mandy Fisher England
1980 Lesley McIlrath Australia 4-2 Agnes Davies Wales
1976 Vera Selby England 4-0 Muriel Hazeldene England